Aircraft-8 Chrono Steel

Aircraft-8 Chrono Steel Swiss Watch
ETA 251.262
Movement Type:
Stainless steel
Large steel
Sapphire glass, internal anti-reflective coating
Engraved with polished finish
Including Crown:
Lug to Lug:
4.2 ounces
1 Year


$595.00 $525.00usd
On sale for $70 off the regular price.
I want one!


Aircraft-8 Chrono Steel Swiss WatchAircraft-8 Chrono Steel Swiss WatchAircraft-8 Chrono Steel Swiss Watch

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What our customers say about the Aircraft-8 Chrono Steel

My Aircraft-8 Chrono arrived so quickly I initially thought the package must have been something else. Opening it was an event in itself and it just got better from there. The watch is a good size and makes just the right statement on my wrist - not too showy but definitely there! The hands all align with the indices perfectly and I wear it for every flight now as it is so easy to read. Thank you very much - glad I stumbled upon your website!

F. Lt Stu Moore, RAF

I want to THANK everyone BIG TIME at Debaufré - both in Fla. and in Utah! - for ALL their kind & gracious assistance with the return/exchange of a new watch I'd JUST received. Being hopelessly 'detail oriented', I couldn't overlook a VERY slight blemish in the hour-hand lumi. Although my wife said it was nothing (and, of course, she was right!), I contacted 'Day-boh-fray' to arrange an exchange - which was made in a VERY professional, FAST, courteous and supportive manner! If you want to find out something about a watch co., buy one of their watches. IF you REALLY want to find out about a watch co., ask for assistance AFTER the sale! And, fortunately, in my case, I couldn't be more relieved - and pleased! I own several Debaufré's and plan on acquiring even more!

L. Ward

I have only had my Triton 2000 for a few hours and could not be happier with the service of Debaufre. I love the look of my watch and the comfort of the fit, you are truly a professional organization that has made me regain my trust with purchasing products online. Once again thank you

Christopher S.

I waited for my GMT Pepsi 42mm for a while--a couple months. My Omega and Oris did service during the wait. The wait was more than worth it...this watch is perfect, perfect look, perfect movement, perfect size, perfect quality and finish...I couldn't be happier and to top it all off I got to know a few of the fine folks at Debaufre in the process. They treated me so well I can only say I'm beyond delighted. The watch is so much nicer in person than the web photos! Not to say the web photos are poor, just that the timepiece is stunning! Genuinely! Changes made to the bracelet and crown only add to the beauty of this watch. If you are thinking about one, stop thinking and get in line, you won't be disappointed and if it should take a while, be patient and prepare to be wowed. Some things are worth the wait! Quality like this makes more expensive watches simply an unnecessary choice.


Ok, so I call myself a watch guy.... I have been collecting watched since I was a kid...I started with the Timex's, I had Swatch's etc... As I got older I had to have a ROLEX....I had a early 80's Vintage GMT MASTER. LOVED that watch at first...BUT I grew to hate it....why...timekeeping...it NEVER EVER kept good time... Sold it... I migrated to OMEGA's.... Seamaster 30's, Constellation's, X-33 Planet Ocean...LOVE THEM.... But I longed for the GMT dial ..... I searched and searched.... I had a few TAG's... Sold them... Who would buy a Panerai anyways...poser..go buy a Harley... So now I came across Debaufre, oddly enough with the Zane Lamprey Pleepleus Watch... ( I WILL HAVE ONE BTW ) But when I looked at the watch line I was impressed.... Swiss watchmaking with good established robust movements at a fraction of the price of the flashy brands.. I bought a GMT black on black 42 MM...... I LOVE IT !! Fit...finish, superb at this price point... IMNSHO you cannot beat it........... this is my first Debaufre it will NOT be my last.... This watch is made to be used and abused as they say...wear it...don't let it be a jewelry box princess don't worry about scratches....how many flashy owners DON'T wear their timepiece for fear of damaging it...not my Debaufre...no worries here..I am confident it will run without a hiccup..... BTW it is running @ + 1.2 appx sec in 24hrs... Not bad for a mechanical at this price...it is running better than my Rolex ever did...that was -2-4sec a DAY....

N. J Chiarchiaro, CET
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