The tradition and quality of Swiss watch making is known throughout the world. The Debaufre Family first began producing watches in the 1700s and are the originators of jeweled watch movements.

Having fallen out of production by the 20th century, the brand was revitalized and the modern Debaufre was born. Today Debaufre provides fine Swiss craftsmanship in the tradition of the worlds greatest brands, manufacturing in Switzerland and shipping worldwide.

Debaufre is owned and operated by a small group of highly professional and dedicated people. We sell direct, provide our own customer service, and personally stand behind all our products. In this way we can keep service at the highest levels and costs to a minimum.

In days gone by, you knew who you were purchasing your goods and services from, Debaufre returns you to that bygone era of expert quality and individual service. Visit website

Debaufre - Tradition Reborn
Historic Debaufre

Modern Debaufre
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