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My name is Zino and I am Happy about my watches one is the Nav-B GMT and the other one is Triton 2000 Meter dive...
I like the size of those watches, I just received them yesterday and last night I was impress about the Luminosity and the Look of them. they are Impressive and also I can say thank you, Debaufre for those Watches they have a perfect look and they Keep perfect time I am please with them and I will tell all my Friends and family about the fast shipping and Service from Debaufre nothing can Be comparable then Swiss Automatic made....

(c'est la perfection a la portee du poignet et le mecanisme est impressionant Mercie de Bon coeur et a la prochaine.) Felicitation.......

Jan 18, 2011

I waited for my GMT Pepsi 42mm for a while--a couple months. My Omega and Oris did service during the wait. The wait was more than worth it...this watch is perfect, perfect look, perfect movement, perfect size, perfect quality and finish...I couldn't be happier and to top it all off I got to know a few of the fine folks at Debaufre in the process. They treated me so well I can only say I'm beyond delighted. The watch is so much nicer in person than the web photos! Not to say the web photos are poor, just that the timepiece is stunning! Genuinely! Changes made to the bracelet and crown only add to the beauty of this watch. If you are thinking about one, stop thinking and get in line, you won't be disappointed and if it should take a while, be patient and prepare to be wowed. Some things are worth the wait! Quality like this makes more expensive watches simply an unnecessary choice.

Dec 18, 2010

Ok, so I call myself a watch guy....

I have been collecting watched since I was a kid...I started with the Timex's, I had Swatch's etc...

As I got older I had to have a ROLEX....I had a early 80's Vintage GMT MASTER. LOVED that watch at first...BUT I grew to hate NEVER EVER kept good time... Sold it...

I migrated to OMEGA's.... Seamaster 30's, Constellation's, X-33 Planet Ocean...LOVE THEM....

But I longed for the GMT dial ..... I searched and searched.... I had a few TAG's... Sold them... Who would buy a Panerai anyways...poser..go buy a Harley...

So now I came across Debaufre, oddly enough with the Zane Lamprey Pleepleus Watch... ( I WILL HAVE ONE BTW ) But when I looked at the watch line I was impressed.... Swiss watchmaking with good established robust movements at a fraction of the price of the flashy brands.. I bought a GMT black on black 42 MM......


Fit...finish, superb at this price point... IMNSHO you cannot beat it........... this is my first Debaufre it will NOT be my last.... This watch is made to be used and abused as they say...wear it...don't let it be a jewelry box princess don't worry about many flashy owners DON'T wear their timepiece for fear of damaging it...not my worries here..I am confident it will run without a hiccup.....

BTW it is running @ + 1.2 appx sec in 24hrs... Not bad for a mechanical at this is running better than my Rolex ever did...that was -2-4sec a DAY....

Aug 11, 2010
N. J Chiarchiaro, CET

I have to admit I was reluctant to buy a watch without being able to see it or feel it. Read the reviews search the web and finally fell for the Ocean-1 GMT. The watch was on my wrist 6 days after placing the order, being from Canada, that is quite good, I was able to track my order the moment it left your plant until it got home. I am very impressed with the quality and feel of the watch, very well done, a great value, better than some of the other swiss watches commercially available at twice the price. Thanks for a wonderful and trouble free experience.

Jun 30, 2010
Bruno L.

I've had my Ocean 1 GMT for 4 years and I am still impressed with how well it runs and looks. It keeps excellent time not loosing or gaining more then 3 seconds a day. I know some will say that can't be but I assure you it is. I consider a fine time piece and a great value considering what you will pay for a Rolex.

Jun 3, 2010
Tom .

I must tell you how pleased I am with my Debaufre 42MM GMT. I have received quite a few compliments on it since I received it, with the general consensus that it looks, feels and performs like a much more expensive watch. When I tell people what I paid for it, they think it must be a knock-off or fake. When I tell them it is Swiss, they are very impressed. It performs flawlessly and is a real beauty. Thank you.

Mar 24, 2010
Alex B.

I received my red/blue GMT Ocean 1 two days ago and I am very impressed with the excellent value for the money that Debaufre offers. Your service was wonderful. I ordered my watch late Thursday night and it was delivered to me the following Thursday at noon. That is very good considering that I live in Northern Canada. I have twenty-four other watches but I expect that my GMT will be getting the lions share of my wrist time for the foreseeable future.

Mar 14, 2010
Russ M.

I recently bought a 39mm GMT Ocean with black bezel. The watch was delivered within 4 days and customer service was great, especially Lisa! Moreover, the watch is beautiful and can't be beat for price to value. Thanks, Debaufre!

Nov 11, 2009
Foster C.

I own several watches of varying cost, complication, and design.

I currently own two (2) GMT2's, one (1) GMT1-Ocean, and one (1)Czar.

For the money, the fit, finish and design of the watches is excellent. The packaging is impressive as well.

I can only add that I would like to see Debauvre' offer brown dial version of the GMT-2 - just a thought.

Oct 22, 2009
Bobby R.

I am very pleased with my GMT watch. It has everything I was looking for. A very nice solid watch with the screw in links and the eta automatic movement. I would definitely consider Debaufre on my/your next watch purchase.

Oct 17, 2009

My GMT arrived, and it is a real fine timepiece. It is running at +6-9 fast seconds per day which is real good. After breakin it will slow down a bit more. The watch is awesome and ranks right up with the more expensive luxary watches. The watch is a great deal for the money, and thet customer service is unbeatable. The staff and quality of the watches gets a 5 from me. If you are looking for a great time piece go to the website. This is my second watch I also have a Ocean 1 Classic which is also very nice,however it looks like my GMT will be getting more wrist time. Keep up the good work.

Oct 8, 2009
Mark G.

This is my second watch I also own a ocean classic which I have had for about a year. I recently purchased a ocean 1 GMT and to say the least it is a awesome watch just like my ocean classic. Out of the box it is +6 seconds day which is at least 99.9% accurate per COSC. Special thanks to both Elsa &Lisa they are excellent customer reps. I doubt you would get treated as nice from ROLEX.. Which brings me to the quality of the watch. In my opinion it is as good if not better than watches costing 10X the cost of Debaufre watches. So in closing for the quality and customer service this company is the best. So take my advise try one of these great watches you wont be disappointed. Mavgyver Acores, Portugal

Oct 5, 2009
Mark G.

I've had my GMT 2 Black face watch for about 4 weeks now and I can't stop looking at it.
My decision to purchase the GMT 2 was reinforced by the great sales support that I experienced from Debaufre.(I reside in Japan). The GMT 2 watch is elegant yet sporty and superbly crafted. Huge value here!! Don't hesitate, just do it!!

Aug 29, 2009
Peter M.

I purchased the 39-mm Ocean 1. My first concern was size but I can tell you that it is the perfect size. The watch is heavy, well built and very comfortable to wear. I was surprised at how much better it looks in person. It is a stunning watch. The jeweler who sized the watch said to me (unsolicited) “this is a very nice watch, everything you would want”. And this was a high end jewelry store. Oh, and it keeps perfect time. Thank you Debaufre

Aug 27, 2009
Richard J.

I missed my GMT. I purchased a 2-tone R***X GMT in 1985 for $2800 and sold it 10 years later to make a house payment. As a pilot, I loved the ability to see 2 time zones at once. I've acquired 8 watches since - none over $300, and have always missed the functionality of my old GMT. My new Debaufre GMT Ocean 1 rocks! I chose the 42mm model due to it's slightly larger size (GREAT decision BTW), so I now have the watch I love, slightly larger, 2 time zones, waterproof to 1000', for under $600. Are you kidding me? Your service was impeccable, the watch arrived in 2 days from Switzerland - there will be more Debaufre's in my collection! Thank you!

Aug 27, 2009
Bill H.
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