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I have the blue/blue ocean 1, having previously owned a black/black i knew what to expect; a good looking watch a good value. my only complaint is the blue dial is so dark that it appears black from some angles. all considered a great piece.

Sep 9, 2008
Paul K.

I took delivery of my CSAR recently and let me say I was pleasantly surprised. What a beautiful timepiece. Construction is second to none. The crown winds so smooth you would think the watch costs much much more. The upgrade presentation box is stunning ans very well made. I am so happy I purchased this watch from Debaufre that I an planning my next purchase now. I have told all my friends about Debaufre's products and had them inspect my new watch and they all came to the same conclusion, There is a new player in the watch market and it is one to watch. Thanks Again Debaufre.

Aug 31, 2008
Paul M.

I purchased the GMT Ocean-1 (Blue/Red) apporximately four months ago and have since worn it every day. I am generally pleased with the quality, particularly accuracy (minus 2 seconds/day).

Aug 28, 2008
Bob W.

I just received my ocean 1 classic and it is just fantastic. The watch has a nice feel , the crown winds nice the second hand has a smooth sweep the feel of the watch is robust and simple on the wrist and the look is similar to the Rolex Sub giving it that elegant yet sporty look. I love watches and have been collecting for many years most of my collection is mid to high end and rarely do I go for watches priced under $1,500 and if I do I tend to dislike them after a while and kick my self in the ass for spending money for a watch I do not enjoy or turned me off, but I must say this is my
second Debaufre , first one is a Nav b limited and now the Ocean 1
classic The product this company has is great my Nav B I enjoy and always get compliments and now my Ocean 1 looks and feels great on the wrist . I do not consider Debaufre to be low end watches , you guys are top quality with low prices and you could easily be selling your watches for double. Good job and please keep it up I am sure I will be going for my 3rd Debaufre soon but I am just waiting for a limited edition piece or maybe a chrono automatic time piece (Hint, Hint ). Benny

Aug 22, 2008
Benny C.

I first heard about these watches when I met a guy on the main island in Hawaii. I bought one a few months ago and really love it. I am often complimented on my watch with people asking where I bought it. These are excellent watches at an excellent price. Well done.

Aug 21, 2008
Antoine S.

Just received a 39mm. Great watch!!! It is understated, but still appears to be of a very high quality.

Also had a chance to experience Debaufre customer service. Spectacular. A model for any company regardless of the industry.

Aug 15, 2008

This is a beautiful watch. I love the large face and the leater strap is of the highest quality. This is a timeless piece that I will be wearing for many many years to come.

Customer service was responsive and very nice.

Aug 6, 2008

Another seem-less purchase - love the customer service at Debaufre. As for the watch, I have been wearing my Ocean GMT for a week now and can't seem to take it off. I have wanted a red/black GMT for some time and I am very happy I chose this one.

Aug 5, 2008
Spero G.

I love the BIG and "clean-look" dial of my LE 48mm Nav-B! I put the lighter natural tone leather strap on it for an excellent color constrast. Such a sporty piece while still having an elegant, retro-look. A great watch for my collection!!

Aug 1, 2008
Craig D.

Just bought the 44mm Nav-B automatic for my significant other and he just loves the watch. The size is perfect for his wrist of 7.5 inches.

The sapphire crystal has a slight curve that softens up the overall look. The strap is perfectly thick and rugged but also very comfortable. And my favorite part about the watch are the blue hands which gleams in certain angles (which you are unable to see in the pictures). And lastly the 2824 ETA is a just proven and reliable movement.

Thanks Debaufre for providing such a high quality watch for such an attractive price. We are both very satisfied with the purchase.

Jul 29, 2008
D. Z.

Well, this is now my second watch from you in the last week and once again I amazed at the quality and attention to detail. Your watches just blow me away for the price. My last review compared your watches with other I have costing as much as 10 times more! My wife commented on my Nav B 48mm as one of the best looking watches I own. I have a feeling the new Aircraft 8 I just got might make her think twice? Thanks again and keep the great watches coming.

Jeff B

Jul 28, 2008
Jeff B.

"Ocean-1 Classic edition" is a good watch.
I wear the "Ocean 1 Classic" almost every day.
Keep up the good work. Kazu

Jul 28, 2008
Kazuhiro U.

I have my Ocean-1 for Two years now and although it takes a daily beating, it still looks like new, not a scratch! Truly a PERFECT timepiece. Thanks again !

Jul 27, 2008
Joe V.

Once again, I am totally impressed with the watch AND the customer service. I just received the CSAR (Silver) and am blown-away! It is everything I had hoped for and more: solid, with a real wrist presence; unconventional while paying homage to pilot watches of old; and all the Debaufre bells and whistles (AR coating, superior leather strap, etc). Couple the CSAR with attentive customer service and you have one happy repeat customer. Cheers.

Jul 17, 2008

Well, Again I would like to say "Well Done" on your products!!! I have purchased to-date 6 Ocean1's and 1 GMT! Mostly for gifts. The response has been amazing!, the recipent has always been "blown away" by the quality and the look. Thanks Again and keep up the good work! Sincerley Sheldon Sumners

Jul 7, 2008
Sheldon S.
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