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I have had my GMT ocean-1 a little over two weeks now and all I can say is that I am very impressed. The first watch that was sent to me had a issue with the sweep hand sticking. Befor I could get it into the box to ship it back, Elsa had a new one on it's way. The best example of custome service I have ever seen. The GMT hand is the main reason I was interested in this watch, it allows me to keep track of Zulu time without having to do the mental gymnastics. I have had many, many compliments on my watch, somthing that is hard to get in the pilot community. I look forward to many years of use from this timepiece. You have a new and loyal customer. Thank You.

Dec 29, 2007
Brent S.

WOW!! I get that a lot with my GMT-OCEAN 1. This is a wonderful timepiece, one worthy of the attention. In my business as a Corporate Pilot, you live by your watch and this one delivers. No gimmicks, bells or whistles, just a clean simple design. The Zulu hand makes my life much easier. (No math). I am reluctant to spread the word, I am sure this watch will go up in price, as it should. Factor in the OUTSTANDING customer service, and it is a bargain at any price. My original watch had an issue, and after talking to Elsa, it was quickly resolved. (The replacement was shipped before I got the original back in the box!) I wish everyone took customer service to this level. I am very pleased and impressed.

Brent Smith
Martinez, CA

Dec 19, 2007
Brent S.

Proud to own this fine and comfortable Swiss time piece. Shows a strong Swiss pedigre in every aspect with far more quality than the price suggests.

Dec 17, 2007
Gerald S.

What a wonderful Watch! great weight and feel to it. very nice looks! One of my Favorites!

Dec 17, 2007
T. J Daluisio

I received my Ocean-1 this morning and finally understood why is that so many people are so excited about this Debaufre and their watches. This watch looks great. Those of you who are about to waste your money on a Rolex, please don't. There is no need. This watch has it all: Looks, fit, accuracy, workmanship, superb swiss movement, etc. I thought about getting the 39mm but glad I did not. Although I have small hands, at 5'10" my wrist is big enough to handle this watch. It feels perfect, not heavy or flimsy, but robust. And customer service is beyond expectations. A small mistake from my end at my PayPal account did not discouraged CS to call me immediately as they were more concerned about delivering the watch and not dissapoint me than for the money transaction itself!!! Just amazing. They now have me as a life customer. Thank you so much for a great watch and for a better CS. Sincerely,

Dec 17, 2007
J. Rivera

I received my 39 mm Ocean1 last week and am very pleased with it. It was shipped almost immediately and arrived in 2 days. What a nice watch: the same size and look of the R***** submariner for thousands less, a great band, as nice as the submariner. I haven't been able to take it off the wrist, even though I have 2 IWCs and a breitling. Thanks, and I'll keep your company in mind for gifting.
Dave Adair in Michigan
PS/ Please make a 39 mm ocaean i in blue....

Dec 4, 2007
Dave A.

Just received the watch today and it looks much better than I expected. This watch has a beautiful movement and a great heavy duty strap. Another great surprise was the extra strap and tool for changing out the strap! The presentation style box the watch is in is beautiful. I would definitely like to purchase different models. I would love to see an chronograph models if you have them. I hope the price doesn't change since it is also a great value.

Nov 25, 2007
d. polston

I am the proud owner of a World Traveler, and the watch itself is fantastic, a great value for the outstanding quality. But even more important is the service I received. Personal attention, timely replies to my emails, even a hand written note on my invoice! I have heard great thinks about this company from other watch collectors, and now I know what they mean...I would not hesitate to recommend the watches and the company to anyone!

Nov 6, 2007
Chris R.

Great watch, (Airforce Orange), very good value for the money!!!

Oct 25, 2007

I just purchase my first Debaufre watch in the form of an Airforce Orange. To say the least I was very much impressed from the second I opened the box. A very well built and solid watch! I wore it out the first evening I had it and received several compliments through out the night. Thanks for such a great product!

Oct 3, 2007

Aircraft 8 has just arrived....shipped in 26 hrs...just as requested...EXCEPTIONAL STYLE AND QUALITY,great fit,and the black on black is timeless....Pleasure doing business with your staff,super service...Thanks Dave P.

Oct 3, 2007
D. P. Picano

i was asked to give you feedback when i received my ocean-1. i currently also own an invicta grand diver,and i like it too. what i like about the ocean-1 is; that it is swiss made with swiss movement, it is smaller and more comfortable on my wrist, very well made and is definitely worth the money, and lastly it is neither overstated or understated in appearance...ok, one more thing...the bezel lines up PERFECTLY wth the hour markers...nice job!!!!!
new customer,
mark d.

Sep 28, 2007
Mark D.

Just got my airforce orange yesterday and was more than just impressed. As far as size, I generally like a 44mm and so this was perfect. The quality of the case can compete with watches well over 1,000. From what I can tell,it looks like a three piece case and the front screws near the bezel are real and functional as they hold this top bezel part to the lug section. This is a big improvement, if you remember the older pilot watch had screws that didn't actually hold the case together. The AR (antireflective coating on the crystal) is one of the best I've seen and again, is a big improvement over older models. Exact same purple as on my Panerai 111h, basically, you CANNOT find a watch with great AR for around 500. The dial is clean and the printing is clear. As far as the movement, it is nicely decorated with blue screws but here is the main point. Personally, the 6497/8 is my all time favorite movement and I have learned to enjoy winding it every few days but here is the problem. Many watch companies put a small crown or one that is awkward to wind, for example Kobold's spirit of America is a great watch but the crown guard gets in the way as you wind it. This has a huge crown and winding is smooth and turns out to be one of life's little pleasures. The luminance of the hands is pretty average but since the color is orange and the hands are so large, generally readability is great during most conditions. The simple conclusion is that you can't find a watch with this quality for around 500.

Sep 27, 2007
Chris N.

Firstly let me apologise to those at Debaufre for probably being "annoying customer of the month, even year maybe".

However, all my queries, questions, emails, concerns were hastily acknowledged and replied to in good time, professionally!

I received my Ocean-1 GMT today...and well to put it simply, I was over the moon. An extremely BEAUTIFUL timepiece, the finish, fit, feel, weight, aesthetics of the watch are amazing and I have already had compliments.

As for the movement, this is my first Auto, but after reading other customer reviews I doubt I shall have any problems with it!

So, thank you all at Debaufre - AlldaRon, Elsa, Ethan, Jon for your patience and professionalism throughout the transaction, "I'll be back" to quote Arnie!


Sep 25, 2007
O. Shabbirdin, UK


Sep 24, 2007
Allen R.
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