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Awesome watch and fantastic straps,I'll definitely come back for more from DEBAUFRE,
also appreciate your nice customer service.

Mar 17, 2008
Alex W.

An absolutely beautiful watch and an fantastic value for the price. I couldn't be happier.

Feb 29, 2008

Excellent watches! Great quality! Well fini-
shed! Excellent company to deal with. Very

Feb 28, 2008

After recently taking delivery of an Ocean I, I feel that I need to tell others that this watch is world class in quality and value! I'm a watch fanatic, and I've had numerous similar hi-end watches. I honestly didn't think that I would find this as flawless as I have. The customer service, the smoothness of the movement,the beauty of the dial and bezel, and the fine polish on the case and bracelet scream quality. After all the positive reviews that I've read, I had to try this, and I'm delighted. This watch is getting all my wrist time now. Thanks Debaufre. Feel free to quote me...Tom Danahey

Feb 25, 2008
T. P. Danahey

This company has the best customer service. I have purchased two watches from Debaufre; the Ocean 1 & the GMT Ocean 1. I just received my GMT and am blown away. I own 2 Rolexes; but I wear both my Debaufres. I gave one of my Rolexes to my daughter. I will never wear them. The Debaures are the two watches I will probaly wear the rest of my days.
thanks Elsa for your help!


Feb 22, 2008

What an amazing watch at an amazing price. The Ocean 1 looks like a watch that cost 10 times the amount. Customer service is top notch. I am very impressed with Debaufre all the way around.

Feb 14, 2008
Mike O.

I have been seeing lots of pictures and reviews of the Triton seemingly all over the internet...and now that I have one in my hands I can confirm that all of it is true! It is large but wears comfortably, and while it is nice and thick, the flat surface of the 120 click bezel and sapphire crystal make it easy to view. The dial is beautiful, and the hands are unique, with skeletonized porttions and different colored lume to help differentiate in the dark. The caseback is nicely inscribed and solid, no "decorative" see through jobs here! The thick rubber strap and huge buckle give this a real presence on the wrist. I was afraid that my medium sized wrists would be overpowered, but it fits very nicely. While there are certainly elements of this watch in others on the market, the combination is, in my opinion, quite unique, and gives this a very substantial break away from traditional "dive watches" while retaining great functionality. Overall, I could not be happier with the workmanship, and as usual (this is my second Debaufre!) the customer service was unequaled. Thanks guys for another winner!!!!

Feb 9, 2008
Chris R.

I have a fairly large watch collection, and out of all my watches, the black Debaufre Triton is my favorite, and the one that easily gets the most wrist time. For the price, you absolutely cannot beat the quality and presence of the Triton; it easily holds its own against watches that cost many times more. I'm constantly getting compliments on what a unique and striking piece it is, and people are always eager to ask me where they can purchase one. The multicolored illumination on the dial is a nice touch (would love to see an even stronger application of superluminova for your next model that lasts longer), and the Plongeur hands give the Triton a true divers feel. The size of the Triton is just about perfect in my opinion, as the width is very substantial, and yet the height is proportioned low enough so that you can slip it under a dress shirt without any problems. Upgrading into the burlwood presentation box is something that I highly recommend to other potential customers, as it's nothing short of beautiful. The rubber watch band that ships with the Triton is nice, but admittedly, my hope is that Debaufre will come out with a stainless steel bracelet made for the Triton at some point in the future. Lastly, Debaufre's customer service is absolutely top notch. I initially had a small problem with my Triton and needed to exchange it. Elsa took care of me immediately, and made sure I was satisfied with the outcome. As a whole, I couldn't be happier with my replacement Triton, and Debaufre as a company. Many thanks to Elsa, Alldaron, and Jon; because of your quality product in the Triton and the stellar customer service I received, I'm now a Debaufre customer for life!!

Feb 6, 2008
Damion B.

I am impressed with the heft and finish of this watch. The 42mm is a robust piece that does not disappoint. In overall quality, it is right up there with my Breitling Superocean and at a third of the cost.

Jan 30, 2008
J F.

WOW. Beautiful, large, substantial watch. Very impressed! Thanks very much. Quick delivery!

Jan 28, 2008
Chris A.

Being a watch collector for many years, I feel very comfortable in saying that my Ocean-1 GMT is very well made and looks very sharp. I especialy like the 22mm bracelet with the 42mm case, it feels very comfortable on my wrist. The bezel aligns perfectly at noon, which is more than I can say for the Rolex GMT I tried on at my local Rolex jeweler's. The screws were easy to remove and replace when I adjusted the bracelet to fit. The brushed top of the case and brushed bracelet contrasts well with highly polished case and link sides. These features, along with the solid end links, sapphire crystal, screw down crown, screw down case back and well cut coin edge bezel makes this a great value seldom seen in this price range. The blue and red "pepsi" bezel makes a striking view on my wrist that I find myself glancing at constantly. This watch even past the "family test" wife and daughters think it is very refined looking for a dive watch. I must thank Dan Stead a friend and recent owner of a beautiful Ocean-1 (who posted his review recently) for introducing me to the Debaufre family of owners.

Jan 10, 2008
Dan F.

I purchased the GMT Pepsi color Debaufre watch shortly before Christmas 2007. My intial impression with the appearance and movement of the sweep second hand was favorable. I have tested the watch accuracy over a two week period as well as checking the qualities of the watch and I have been very pleased with my purchase. The outside fit and finish will hold up against any very expensive watch such as a Rolex or Omega (which I own). I did the side by side test. The accuracy of the Debaufre watch is not as accurate as a COSC certified watch (chronometer). My particular watch runs slower or faster depending on how tight the spring is wound (varied from -11 to +14 seconds every 24 hours). But in regards to this issue, under normal wearing of the watch by myself which consists of wearing it during the day and taking it off to sleep at night, it is about plus or minus 6 seconds off every 24 hours. This accuracy is very good when you compare the cost of the movement to the high end watches. Of course, the accuracy will vary depending on how you wear the watch. Finally, the customer service has been superb. I would highly recommend this watch to others based on quality and price.

Bill M. (Columbia, SC)

Jan 9, 2008
Bill M.

I can't say enough good things about this may not be for everyone, due to its' large size, but even though 48mm sounds huge, it actually wears very comfortably, so don't automatically think that it will be too large.

The dial is so clean and easy to read it is a snap to catch the time at a glance, and I am in awe of the fit and finish of this watch. The case, sapphire crystal and extra, extra thick leather strap are absolutely first class, much nicer than many watches costing much, much more. And seeing that beautifully finished Unitas through the huge display back is a treat.

One note - looking at the pictures, the crown looks like it might be uncomfortable due to its' size, but the watch sits on the wrist so that it is not a problem, at least for me. And it is so easy to grip and wind! Overall, if you are looking for a watch of this type, you absolutely cannot go wrong.

Jan 6, 2008
Chris R.

I bought the ocean 1 42 with black face and green bezel and i must say it is one of the best looking watches i have owned. The service i received was outstanding also.
Keep up the good work guys,
Jimmy K

Jan 3, 2008
Jimmy K.

I received my black bi-metal 42mm Ocean 1 only 4 days from order to UK. Brilliant communication from Debaufre and an amazing watch.

I have friends with genuine Rolex/Omega Submariners, this is every bit as good considering the price difference. Weight, feel and look is absolutely the same.

The only flaw I found was a small bump on luminescence paint at 9 o'clock marker which I can accept given the price difference.

The jeweller who shortened the strap was equally impressed. Well done Debraufre I will be back for another watch in time and will certainly recommend your watches to my friends.

Jan 2, 2008
Dean S.
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