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I have had my Ocean GMT for almost two years. I own 6 other %400 to $1,500 watches. I wear the Ocean 4 out of five days a week.I replaced the oyster link band with black leather Hersch "Leonardo" band. It's just the best watch I own and keeps the best time. I am buying an Air Force soon. Anything you buy from this company willbe a good and anthing you pay three times the money for at a Jewelry store.

Jun 6, 2008
Allan H.

I've had my green Ocean 1 for a little over a month and a half now and I'm pleased to say that it has worn very well and has made a great travel companion. This was an easy purchase decision for me and I can't say enough about the customer service. Much to my surprise the shipping was even expedited free of charge! The watch has a substantial solid feel with a very nice polish. The AR is worth mention too as it has a beautiful blue hue. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and family. I'll be making future purchases.

May 29, 2008
Frederick N.

I received my Debaufre 42mm 2-tone GMT Ocean-1 watch about a month ago (4/17 actually). I was immediately impressed with the “look and feel” of this timepiece. I have owned several Rolexes (a Submariner, a GMT Master II and a Yachtmaster) over the years. I still own the Yachtmaster but regretted parting (of course, after the fact) with both the Submariner and the GMT Master II. Unfortunately, my tired 60 year old eyes are having trouble reading the hand/marker contrast of the platinum dial of my Yachtmaster. So, I have been searching for a rugged yet elegant replacement for the GMT style timepiece for sometime but have been disappointed with the appearance, quality or accuracy in competitor items.

The GMT Ocean-1 is a rounding success in meeting and exceeding all of my requirements. The fit, finish and machined tolerances are outstanding. I was especially impressed with the “out of the box” accuracy of the ETA 2893-2 movement. I set the time according to the USNO atomic clock and the movement is only gaining approximately 2-3 seconds per day which is equivalent to the tolerance limits for a COSC certified movement.

But then, disappointment! I noticed some aberrant behavior (stopping after 8-10 hours of inactivity) and then the watch began losing significant time, as much as 1 hour and 45 minutes daily. I immediately contacted Debaufre customer service and reported the problem to Elsa. Without hesitation, she agreed to replace the defective watch with a new one. Within 10 days of the defective watch leaving my hands, the new replacement was on my wrist (and again exhibiting flawless accuracy). In addition to creating outstanding watches, Debaufre customer service is also first rate and top notch.

Given my excellent experience with Debaufre, I absolutely feel comfortable recommending Debaufre to my friends and colleagues. To underscore my satisfaction and genuine appreciation for Debaufre watches, I also purchased both the Ocean-1 Classic and GMT-2 models. Both are equally outstanding in fit, finish and accuracy.

Best Regards, Patrick N Hargett

May 27, 2008
P. N Hargett

I've purchased several Debaufre models recently, one of which was the Ocean-1 Classic. I have owned several Rolexes (a Submariner, a GMT Master II and a Yachtmaster) over the years. I still own the Yachtmaster but regretted parting (of course, after the fact) with both the Submariner and the GMT Master II. The Submariner was my favorite “every day” watch because of its ruggedness and classic lines. Unfortunately, my tired 60 year old eyes are having trouble reading the hand/marker contrast of the platinum dial of my Yachtmaster. In my search for a Submariner style timepiece, I was always disappointed with the appearance, quality or accuracy in competitor items.

The Ocean-1 Classic has filled this void extremely well and is a rounding success in meeting and exceeding all of my requirements. The fit, finish and machined tolerances are outstanding. The accuracy of the Swiss movement, a Sellita SW200 26 jewel automatic, is phenomenal. Because the Classic model provides a dial face with larger luminescent markers, it is extremely easy to read, even in low light conditions. When fully charged by a light source, the luminescence easily lasts through 8-9 hours of darkness. The case and bracelet have a wondrous luster far greater than a simple brushed finish found on competitor items.

Given my excellent experience with Debaufre, I will continue adding other models to my collection as well as recommending them to my friends and colleagues.

Best Regards, Patrick N Hargett

May 27, 2008
Patrick H.

I have had my Gmt2, White for nearly 2 months.
This is my second Debaufre, the first being an Ocean 1, 39mm. I was so impressed with that watch, I decided to purchase the Gmt2. I am happy in every respect. The quality of this piece is amazing. No matter how much you pay for a watch, you are not going to get a better quality piece. Every aspect of this company from order taking, to service, to quality of product is exceptional. I highly recommend Debaufre, and will be a customer for life.

May 20, 2008
S. N. Sarama

I recently purchased an Ocean 1 Classic (Green Bezel) and cannot seem to take it off. As reminder of a recent trip to Ireland, I called Debaufre and asked for the Ocean 1 Classic with a green bezel No problem, not even a question.

Even though it is a much duplicated design, Debaufre have paid attention to the details that make there version stand out at this price (e.g., SEL, screw-in pins, magnifier that is readable and more). Add a personable customer service department, flexibility, and a high value to cost ratio, and you have a company that gets it right.

I will definitely buy from them again...GMT Black and Red here I come!!!

Hamilton, Ontario

May 19, 2008
Spero G.

This review will cover both the GMT and Ocean models as I bought the latter after being so impressed by the former.

I began collecting watched about 25 years ago. Needless to say I have owned many top notch items. From antique 18Kt chrono's, to high end dress and watches that begin with the letter "R". Over the years, I sold off much as other hobbies and interests dictated. Strange to think you can by a nice sailboat for the cost of a watch or two, but nice watches are not cheap.

I ordered the GMT first. I was inspired to get this one by my fomer "R" brand 1972 model. As far as customer service goes it could not possibly be any better. I have extremely large wrists. Both of my former "R" brand watches required two extra links. It was no problem being accomodated. When inspecting the watch under a loupe, I could detect no imperfections on the dial or calendar. Nice and crisp. Unscrewing the crown, I found the movement to be smooth and the ability to screw the crown down was just perfect. Intitial accuracy after wear in was +5 seconds per day. The crystal is the real deal, and frankly it helps make the watch. I wore mostly an "R" submariner for 20 years and the crystal held up fine. I expect nothing less from this watch. It is nearly a year old at this point and flawless. My model has the ETA 2893-2 movement. It was a bit of a bear to get regulated closer than the +5 sec/d but it mow runs -1.5 sec/d consistently. I would not recommend attempting to regulate a watch unless you have some experience. Ironically compared to the Ocean model this watch is a tad thinner, while the cases are similare, the caseback of the GMT has a lower profile.

On to the Ocean. As with the GMT I found this one to be an awesome watch. Both are a bit larger than the "R's" Style point wise the main difference is the bezels. The "R's" are flat with more teeth. The Debaufre has a more conical profile. I would also recommend that you order extra bezel inserts. The reason being that twenty or thiry years from today, it is likey to be the only part you might find difficult to source. Like the GMT the Ocean is a gorgeous watch. On my example the tube is a tad long, but not enough for me to have bothered with, the crown just does not screw down an sweetly as it does on the GMT. No real problem (did I mention I am anal). Your mileage on this may vary. The Ocean model I have sports the well known ETA-2824-2 movement, same as a "T". After break in my example ran +8 per day. The sick part is that after regulation I have this one at +3/sec per MONTH.

Conclusion, these are simply some of the best values out there. 90% of the "R" for about ten percent of the cost. I sold off my last "R" about five years ago. The funds
allowed me to tile my entire living room. I latter missed the watch so much I decided to find a suitable replacement. While these watches are not inexpensive, they are not overly expensive either, given what they really are. I am writing this after owning both for nearly a year and both have proven themselves. There was a time when I thought manual watches would go the way of dinasaur, these babys prove otherwise. However, if you are on a budget, go for the Rhonda Quartz model. Either way I can't say how happy I am with both my GMT and Ocean models.

May 16, 2008
Randy R.

I received my watch yesterday and I was blown away by how nice the watch looks. I own a rolex submariner and i put my new ocean-1 next to it and i could barely tell the difference between the watches and to think I paid $7k for the Rolex. This is my third watch purchase from Debaufre/Steinhart and I'm amazed after each purchase at how nice your watches are. I sing your praise to all of my fellow watch enthuisiats.

May 12, 2008
Cornell R.

I purchased the Ocean 1 Classic and have found it to be really first-class. Great looks, solidly built and very accurate. I am impressed with the tremendous value for the dollar and don't know why anyone would want to spend any more money than I did for a traditional diver watch.

May 9, 2008
Dave G.

This watch is fantastic!! I cannot believe the quality that your company delivers for the price. In order to get the 6497 movement, saphire with double AR, a quality strap and the general good fit/finish that you offer, this watch should be worth 3K. I recieved this watch on May 5th and it has not left my wrist since. I think the rest of my collection might sit idle for a while. The blued hands look great and have a deep color to them as do the screws on the movement. The lume is also very good and seems to last to the morning. My only complaint is that the hands glow a little stronger than the dial indicators, but so does my much more expensive ORIS. This was my first time dealing with Debaufre and it will not be my last. Thanks for the great watch. Try to stay focused on bringing high end time pieces to collectors who don't want to spend thousands.

-Brent Morrison

May 8, 2008
Brent M.

Great watch at a good price! That's what DEBAUFRE is all about. Others claim the same and they might be right, but nobody does it like DEBAUFRE. Best web site, best customer service, best package and to top that, limited edition. This is my third watch from DEBAUFRE and every time they put a big smile on my face. Great job on the
Nav-B limited!

May 2, 2008
Eric G.

Recently received an Aircraft 8 Green, Ocean 1 Classic and the Nav B Limited Edition. All are great especially the Limited Edition. And conming from a collector with over 30 watches you are to be commended for the quality of your timepieces at a great price. SG-New York

Apr 29, 2008
Shelly G.

It is not often that you encounter a company, that feels a sense of urgency when it comes to keeping customers happy. I have found that with Debaufre. There attention to detail, commitment to customer service & follow thru, is beyond any watch company I have done business with. Keep up the outstanding work, and know that you have a customer for life!!!! Cheers!!!

Apr 24, 2008
Joe U.

The TRITON is my second watch from DEBAUFRE and let me tell you that it is very impressive .It is well balanced,easy to read[black face]a very good weight and the size[45mm]is perfect.The service from everybody at DEBAUFRE is top notch.Although i am little disapointed that you do not include a st/steel buckle with the extra leather strap,i will call on my local jeweller to order one for me,It is a pleasure doing business with all of you,Thank-You !
your friend from Quebec,Canada

Apr 21, 2008
Paul-Andre B.

Everything about this watch screams "quality". The case and bracelet are extremely solid and beautifully finished, with none of the loose fit or sharp edges often found on sub-$1000 models. The crown screws down smoothly and effortlessly, again showing attention to detail in machining tolerances and finishing. The movement winds and sets like a watch five times the price - silky smooth, and without the slightest bit of "back-lash" - something that can't even be said of Rolex's GMT Master II (I own one!). The dial and hands are clear and readable, helped no doubt by a proper sapphire crystal. So far, time-keeping has been comparable to my most expensive watches, and I'm coming to the conclusion that the only real difference between these and my Debaufre is the price!

Mar 22, 2008
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